Through our marketing efforts our company has developed a unique approach to bring you the client first. 


Looking for medical expertise to decide whether or not to move forward with a clients claim? Want to strengthen your clients case for a larger/more expedient settlement?


If you need a medical professional to help substantiate your clients claim, testify, or write and expert opinion, we can help!

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The Hayman Legal Nurse Difference

Why hire a Legal Nurse?

Nurses scour medical charts daily in their line of work. They are the ones whom find the gaps in care while held responsible for improving the overall condition of a patients wellbeing. To have such a professional on your side reviewing medical records, helping compare that to the standard of care, and find the potential errors in a case, is an invaluable service. Legal nursing provides this detailed information in such a way that helps you litigate stronger, win larger settlements, and overall defining the root cause of your clients claim. Having a Legal Nurse write reports for you gives you the power to come to table from a position of knowledge and strength regarding the medical facts!

Why Hayman Legal Nurse Consulting?

We have the commitment to partner with you along the way from start to finish. We provide the usual and expected Legal Nurse Consulting services, but exceed expectations with mind mapping  and development of potential opposing counsels argument. We take pride in what we do and we are not just a typical company looking to profit off a merit review. We started this company due to unforeseen circumstances and wanted to make sure we help clients get the best representation and best outcome they possibly can with their case. We truly value the high touch concierge style attorney that has his clients best interest at heart and we always keep that client focus centric in everything we do.

How having a Legal Nurse on your team can attract and retain clients:

When an RN recognizes that there is no merit to a case, this can ultimately save an Attorney time, money, and effort. Otherwise, allow an RN to scour the records and he/she will most likely find quite a bit of unexpected evidence to support your side. A good Critical Care Nurse can take a quick look at a chart and immediately start recognizing breaches or adherence to Standards of Care. In addition, A client may be more comfortable divulging information to "your nurse"  vs. a non medical person. According to Gallup Surveys, more than 8 out of 10 Americans describe nurse ethics as "very high" or "high." In fact, Gallup ranked Nurses #1 Most Ethical Profession for the 17th year in a row! Having your own Legal Nurse is a selling point to potential clients!