About Us

Committed to Excellence


In 2017, Jonathon and Lisa were involved in an Automobile accident. In the blink of an eye, life was drastically different. They were not sure if life would ever be the same again. Prior to the accident, they enjoyed a very active, outdoors lifestyle.

Lisa is a compassionate Critical Care ICU Nurse with many years of experience. After the accident, she also obtained her Legal Nurse Consultant designation. Jonathon has a background in Business and Sales. Together, they took their negative experiences of an injury, combined with their education and background, and created Hayman Legal Nurse Consulting.


The company gathers medical records and reports, and strengthens the case through many mediums (timelines, chronologies, summaries, reports). These services are needed to help an Attorney decide if they will accept a case, and decide if there is cause/merit. These illustrations and reports also help educate juries in their decisions regarding verdicts and awards process. 

We believe in working with Attorneys that are high touch, concierge style Attorneys that make sure the client gets the best possible experience and settlement to make them whole again. These Attorneys never treat clients as a number, or a settlement amount. They truly care about the client. 

Behind The Scenes

Jonathon Hayman

Jonathon is the Senior Executive responsible for managing the financial planning and actions of the company. In charge of processes and coordination of the bridging between the medical and legal relationships. Jonathon has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. His exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth. Jonathon has a passion for exceptional client experience!

Lisa Hayman RN

Lisa is responsible for preparing and reviewing all medical documentation needed to strengthen your case for higher settlements or proving merit . She is a Veteran, and has years of experience as a Critical Care Registered Nurse. She is still active in Patient Care and the latest evidence based clinical practice. Patient Advocacy has always been one of the most important aspects of nursing to Lisa. Combined with sound clinical judgement, and an inquisitive nature, she is personally involved in every case.

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Nursing Team

Our team of nurses have decades of combined nursing experience from various disciplines to allow you to best litigate your case. They have the medical expertise to find the errors focused in the direction you're heading to help strengthen your position for litigation. At Hayman Legal Nurse Consulting this team and what they compile for our partners makes the difference between average vs. record setting outcomes.